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Are you broke?? Hungry?? Looking for a quick bite that won’t break the bank??

I am known among my friends as the one who is eternally poor. Despite working two jobs, I never seem to have money, and unfortunately, I always seem to be hungry. I try to eat healthy most of the time, but when veggies won’t cut it, KFC is there to dry your tears. If you know exactly what to order, you can have a filling dinner or a midnight snack under $5 at almost any fast food place you can think of. Over the years of eating cheap, I have compiled a list of some of my orders at the places I like best.

Order #1: Kentucky Fried Chicken

Honestly this place is my heart and soul. It is home to the gift that keeps on giving, the famous bowl. If you haven’t had a famous bowl before, you truly haven’t lived. Not only is it filled with mashed potatoes, gravy, popcorn chicken, corn, and cheese, but under the five dollar fill-up deal it also comes with a chocolate chip cookie and a drink. You really can’t ask for more.

Price: $5.30

Order #2: Taco Bell

To be honest with you, I NEVER ate Taco Bell before I came to college. I thought it was pretty sketchy and kinda gross, and while I still think that about many things on the menu, I have come to appreciate its shining hidden gems (aka the only things I order). The dollar cravings menu is home to two of the most underrated things offered at Taco Bell, the spicy potato soft taco and the shredded chicken mini quesadilla. Both of these things are literally one single dollar each, and they offer cheesy goodness, potatoey goodness, and a little bit of spice.

Price: $2.18

Order #3: Rally’s

Another gem I didn’t discover until college, Rally’s has just about anything you could want to satisfy your late night cravings. While they are known for their burgers and fries, I happen to be more of a chicken gal myself. Rally’s chicken bite box gives you popcorn chicken, dipping sauce (I recommend mixing ranch with their hot sauce), and their famous seasoned french fries. The best part is it comes in at a measly $2. TWO dollars!!!

Price: $2.18

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