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20 Things to do in Your 20s

Your 20’s are the time in your life when things still revolve around you.  This is your “me” time, where you can still blow all of your money and not have to worry about kids or marriage (if you’re lucky).  Only two things are imminent in life: death and taxes.  If you don’t believe me, ask Benjamin Franklin.  So with that being said, here are some things (in no particular order) worth accomplishing before the wrinkles set in and the real world consumes you:


1. Go abroad.  Like I said earlier, now is the time to travel with nothing holding you back.

2. Build your resume.  If you don’t have this on your to-do list, I’m not sure what world you’re living in.

3. Volunteer.  Giving back is one of the best feelings and as I’ve already driven in, now is when you have time to actually take part in something bigger.  

4. Get a tattoo.  You need to have something to regret when you’re 75.  

5. Start a 401k.  There’s no time like now to start planning for your future.  You’ll be thanking your 20 year old self when you get to take that trip to Bali.

6. Go on a blind date.  It might be the worst experience or the best.  Either way you can say you’ve done it.

7. Fall in love.  Don’t be an old maid.  

8. Buy that really expensive purse that you want.  Get it now before you’re drowning in student loans.

9. Plant a tree.  It’s sentimental, just do it.

10. Learn how to cook.  If you keep eating ramen noodles every night you’re going to be 40, alone, and fat.

11. Take a road trip with your best friends.  No need for explanation.

12. Learn how to drink socially. Blacking out in college happens, but blacking out at the work Christmas party can get you into some trouble or worse, fired.  Learn your limits now so you can keep your job (and reputation) later.

13. Go to Vegas.  Leave your significant other at home and round up the girls for a crazy weekend.  It really is sin city.

14. Rid your life of people you don’t need.  Don’t waste any more time with people who bring you down.

15. Find where you stand in politics.  I know it’s super trendy to be liberal, but actually look into something and make the decision based on your own views.

16. Move to your dream location.  If you don’t do it now, you more than likely never will.

17. Throw a party.  Why not?

18. Get a pet.  It’s practice for kids.  You might change your mind.

19. Tell your landlord to frick off.  College landlords suck and will try to take advantage of you.  Take your 20 year old self and demand money back for unfair charges.  Note: If you don’t pay your rent it won’t affect your credit score.

20.  Find yourself.  Everyone’s unique, don’t try and be anyone else.  You’ll never be happy pretending to be something you’re not.

Marena is currently a senior at Central Michigan University. She is majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Leadership.
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