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10 Things You Miss When You’re on Your Phone Walking to Class

Today, leaving class in Grawn Hall, I kept my phone in my pocket while walking down the stairs. Let me just tell you, the view took my breath away. From the third floor, I saw three shades of beautiful fall leaves with the top of Warriner Hall showing. The colors of red, yellow, and orange drew me to take a picture. I was then greeted by a professor who joined me on my walk down the steps while she explained how grateful she was that I took a picture of the scenery. She told me how she was showing other students the view throughout the week and they did not appreciate the beauty.

It was then that I realized that we, as humans, spend far too much time buried in our phones and technology. So much so that we miss out on the beauty of nature, children playing, and running into friends. I challenge you to put down your phone and enjoy the little things life brings that technology cannot.

Here is a list of 10 beautiful things you will see on CMU’s campus when you put down your phone on your walk to class.

  1. Friends or old roommates you haven’t seen in a while.

  2. Fabiano Botanical Gardens– put down your phone and walk through it. Look at the flowers blooming in the spring and the layers of snow in the winter.

  3. High school students touring your school. They are the future Chippewas of CMU. Smile at them and make them feel comfortable.

  4. The children playing outside at our daycare within the education building. Children laughing and being silly will put a smile on your face even on your worst days.

  5. Parents visiting their students on campus. There is a simple happiness in seeing families reunited after a long time apart.

  6. Chalking, flyers, and posters of events or organizations that could benefit your professional or personal life.

  7. The fall colors surrounding the seal and Warriner Hall. It is a breath-taking historical view.

  8. Groups or individuals on campus handing out the best thing for a college student– free stuff!

  9. People fighting with Preacher Rick about the what should be basic, free, and given rights of individuals.

  10. Our library at night. It’s a strangely beautiful place to cry while studying.

My name is Cassie Malhado and I’m a sophomore at Central Michigan University. Raised in the small town of Imlay City, coming to university has allowed me to expand my comfort zone. Currently, I am studying Journalism: Public Relations Concentration with a minor in Applied Business Communication to do public relations work for a non-profit or corporation after graduation. On campus I am a member of the Honors Program, am a public relations executive for Central Michigan Life, run the social media and belong to the editorial board for the academic journal The Honors Platform, and am a sister of the Delta Zeta chapter of Alpha Chi Omega. I am excited to add events planner for Her Campus on my list of involvements as well! My passions include politics, traveling, and rollerblading with Her Campus Editor-in-Chief, Kara, which I cannot wait to write more about.
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