Men and women’s basketball teams make history as they head off to the Mountain West Conference Tournament.

The first ever Cougar Send-Off took place the Marriott Center on Tuesday March 8.
About 5,000 fans showed up to see of the men’s and women’s 2011 basketball teams for the last time.
The festivities were free and included entertainment. The Cougarettes danced for excited fans. TJ Fredette also performed his rap entitled “Amazing” about his brother Jimmer status as a national basketball star.
The send-off also included the winners of BYU/SA’s “biggest fan competition” that were judged by Jackson Emery and Jazmine Foreman.
 One of the highlights of the night was when the senior players were honored and Jimmer Fredette and Haley Hall both thanked the crowd for their support.

The last few weeks have held both triumphs and disappointment for Cougar fans and the men’s team, yet they are still hopeful.
“I think with Jimmer Fredette leading our team, we can make it to the Final Four this year,” said BYU junior, Alex Baird.
The Cougars are now off to Vegas to play in the conference tournament, and after a season like this year’s, Cougar fans are all hoping for wins that will award both teams with high tournament seedings.
“Losing Brandon Davies was a huge setback, but I think we have the players and coaching staff necessary to pull it all together, “ said Baird. “My friends and I are going to Vegas this weekend to make sure it happens.”
The Cougars have their backs to the wall, but as the common phrase goes “you never want to corner a cat.” They could surprise fans either way.
After all, “this is BYU history.”