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BYU Wins Campus Wars

A huge fist bump goes out to BYU for winning Psych’s Campus Wars!

BYU won the opportunity to be mentioned in a future episode of the television series “Psych,” by earning the most points in the show’s Campus Wars competition.
Colleges throughout the United States participated in Campus Wars on Psych’s website, but BYU blew away the competition by earning 3,109,920 points. The second place winner, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, was over 2,000,000 points behind BYU with 1,037,740 points.
To compete, students would create a log-in for “Club Psych” on the website, select their school and then complete different “challenges” to receive points for their school. The challenges consisted of playing various games or watching videos on the site. As evidenced by BYU’s winning number of points, Psych is kind of a big deal around here.
It’s unclear when and how BYU will be mentioned in an upcoming episode, but the new season premieres this coming summer. Be sure to tune in Psych-os!

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