Workin' Woman: Rae Stoffel

Welcome to Workin’ Women, a new Her Campus profile series where we get to know the ladies of Butler and their side hustles: part-time, on-campus, co-ops, or internships.


Meet Rae Stoffel, junior strategic communications major. She’s the president and writer for Butler Her Campus, and moonlights as a Communications Intern at Tamm Capital Group. She works downtown, right near Monument Circle.


HC: So, what do you do?


Rae: I work 20-25 hours a week, depending on life and such. I do everything from writing press releases to editing e-newsletters to attending legislative events at the Statehouse. My company houses a couple of different things, but the Indiana Restaurant and Lodging Association and the Indiana Affordable Housing Coalition are the two big ones I work with. I'm currently doing a ton of promo work for Devour Indy and then running the behind the scenes operations for Devour Bloomington.

HC: What are you listening to on your commute?


Rae: Ooooh, good question. Recently I've been listening to the podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me. I've also been doing a lot of AJR and Sea Wolf too.  

HC: What's your favorite, gotta have it, can't live without it desk item?


Rae: I have two... My pink rabbit stapler and my marble coasters ‘cause I'm a bitch and hate when I get coffee stains on my desk.  

HC: What's your favorite thing about your internship?  

Rae: Definitely the amount that my superiors trust me and allow me to do things on my own. I've only been at my internship for three weeks and they're already letting me publish content and head events with little to no guidance which is kinda scary ‘cause like what if I fuck it up but at the same time super cool ‘cause I'm getting all of this real world experience. That and the amount of times we go out to lunch. Lemme tell you, Tamm Capital Group loves a good lunch outing.  

HC: And the hardest part of your internship?


Rae: The hardest part of my internship kinda coincides with my favorite part, the whole "taking things and running with them" thing. For example, I'm basically running Devour Bloomington, doing everything from restaurant registration, to communicating with different media about getting it covered in the news to organizing a cocktail competition and its so fun getting to learn the ropes of event management, but at the same time I'm forced to use my own judgement with things on an hourly basis which can be incredibly nerve wracking at times.  

HC: What do you want to be when you grow up?


Rae: The answer to this question changes everyday, I swear... currently I'm thinking some sort of advactory role that also has to do with journalism so I can use my writing skills to do some good in the world? Like maybe working as a lobbyist or something? Also I've always wanted to be Meredith Grey, but like, without all the death.



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