We're Sleeping on Post Malone (as a Really Cute Guy)

Post Malone dropped his new album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, last Friday and it’s a work of art if I do say so myself. He’s got a great mix of #tooreal feelings bops, some features, and your classic bitches and money raps. The whole package on this album! But we’re going to put the music on the back burner for a minute. Post Malone is cute AF and no one talks about it! 



He’s got such a genuine smile. I mean look at how cute it is! 



He wears button ups with everyone’s favorite blonde on them. 


He rocks some armor from time to time. 


He’s not afraid to whip out the bedazzler. 

Here he is holding a puppy. 


He gets equally as excited about giraffes as I do.


And is his best self on Jimmy Fallon (as I assume we all would be). 


In conclusion, Post is precious and we’ve been snoozin’ on this adorable aspect of him.