The Tuesday Upset


Welcome to another rant from yours truly.



Today’s just been kind of weird from the beginning and shit’s continually been hitting the fan, so that’s where I’m at on this fine Tuesday afternoon.


Let me take you back to where it all began.


I was taking my grandma-ass to bed last night at like 10:15 and all was fine and well until I actually got to bed and had an emotional breakdown??? Who the hell knows where that came from, I’m like, fine???


Anyways, I got through the weird emotions and such, but I didn’t end up falling asleep until 1 am, which is absolute ass because I had an 8 am the next morning. If I don’t get at least 8 hours, I’m a mess.


I woke up the this morning with a pounding headache and no desire to go to class. I went only because I promised myself a nap afterwards.


So I went to class, came home, napped, and things were looking up. I then remembered that I had a 10 am meeting that I 100% absolutely did not attend because I was napping.



Thank god it wasn’t some super important meeting with my boss or anything, but still, I was super mad at myself.


I emailed the chick, got everything figured out, things were fine again for like two seconds or so. I then had to rush downstairs to get my composite picture taken (kind of like the sorority version of a yearbook photo) and I forgot we had to wear black tank tops over the vest thing that they give us. so I had to whole ass take off my shit and change. It was super uncomfortable and bad and gross and I was just not feeling it.


I’m almost positive I looked like a confused, classy, homeless woman.



I tried to redeem myself by being productive and doing laundry. This lovely little massacre was my breaking point.


I was putting my shit in the washer, threw the little tide pods in and walked away. I came back 20 minutes later only to find that the stupid fucking pods didn’t break. They fell into that little well in between the washer door and the actual washing bin thing.


I cried. I deadass cried.



Oh, and also I tripped up the stairs walking to my 8 am so that was fun.


At least we got cheese fries at lunch today.


I hope your Tuesday is better than mine. It can only go up from here.