Things to Remember for Finals Week

Things to Remember for Finals Week

You’re so close to the end to the semester and you’re willing to sacrifice anything for that end grade, right? No absolutely not! Here’s a couple things stay on top of during the most stressful week of the semester.

Stay hydrated

  • This does not mean coffee or energy drinks. I’m talking good ole water, your body will thank you later. If you’re doubling up on energy drinks, you’ll wind up agitated, on edge, and probably shaking. And if you’re someone with anxiety like me, caffeine could actually cause additional stress and nervousness which is what you want to avoid!


Keep your space organized

  • This sounds kind of dumb, but it’s true. I operate best when I’ve decluttered my bedroom, vacuum the house, and make sure all my tables in the kitchen are clean. It gives me peace of mind to not see a mess, plus who doesn’t like procrastinating by cleaning heh?


Get sleep

  • For the sake of your brain functioning, please get 6-8 hours a night PLEASE. I struggle with this a lot too, but once I noticed how much better I operate on a good night’s sleep, I’ve made time for those crucial Zzzs



  • Stressed and irritability are bad enough, but add hangry in there, and you’ve got a real beast. Make time for food, trust me it’s worth it. I’m not talking a package of fruit snacks, I mean FULL MEALS. You’ll thank me later


Take some deep breaths

  • Whenever I start to notice my pause is elevated or I’m starting to panic, no matter what situation I’m in, I stop and take a couple breaths. It’s amazing how your body changes just by taking a few second to close your eyes and focus on your breath and your physical state. I recently got a meditation app to help with this, but I’ve never been more mindful in my life and it’s greatly reduced my stress.


Get to the gym

  • I constantly struggle with this and use the typical excuse of “I don’t have enough time,” but in reality, we make time for things that are important. Make time for the gym, make time for being active, and moving around. You’ll noticed you feel happier and more energized thanks to those workout endorphins 😊


Give yourself breaks

  • Don’t try to constantly shove information in your head this week, take breaks and give yourself credit. Look at how far you’ve come and plan for your week but remember to break up your study time. Take a walk, watch a movie, pet a dog, anything to give your mind some rest to avoid overwhelming yourself!


Think about the good and what you’re grateful for

  • If I wake up in a shmood, the first thing I do is think about all the things and people I’m grateful for. It immediately turns my outlook on the day around and I see the good in things rather than the bad.


Focus on what you can control

  • Back when I swam, I’d always get in my head and fear what could happen and worry, rather than planning and expecting a good outcome. Put only what you want in your head and it will become your only option. Before you know it, you’ll manifest that for your future.


Reflect on the energy you’re giving off to others

  • I constantly find myself in these situations and I catch myself giving off bad vibes. Are you being negative or positive? Pessimist or optimist? Complaining or listening? Take a pause when talking to others, catch yourself in the act, and turn the conversation around. You are the energy you give off.


Take it a day at a time

  • The thought of finals could get intimidating and even looking at your schedule could make you panic. It’s important to take things a day at a time, don’t tweak about the big picture, instead focus on what you can do today to pay off tomorrow.