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Things About the Midwest that Surprised a Californian 

Things About the Midwest that Surprised a Californian 


So one day my roommate and I were talking, and she mentioned something along the lines of how the midwest was different from where she was from. I’m from the midwest so of course none of these things surprised me but what did surprise me was that she was surprised about them. So here are the things about the midwest that surprised my roommate from California and my reaction and response to them. 


People talk to you when you’re waiting in lines

“Yeah, wait, you guys don’t talk to each other?”  


People honk at you if they want to say something, it’s not just to yell at you

“I’ve never personally encountered this but this could be due to the stereotype that people from the midwest are super friendly and just wanna say hi.”


Weather changes as the day goes on 

“Yup, it’s typically cold in the morning and warms up throughout the day.”


The fruit isn’t as good 

“What do you mean?” 


Roses don’t grow here year round 

“Of course they don’t.” 


It’s very flat 

I laughed. 


Mikaela loves to read, write, sing, and play piano. She also aspires to be a lawyer one day.
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