Ten Albums That Have Shaped My Personality

Ten Albums That Have Shaped My Personality


The year is 2011. You’re walking into Art Club with your friends. You’re wearing board shorts and an Aeropostale t-shirt. You pull out the drawing you’ve been working on for a few weeks and pop in your earbuds. The distinct vocals of Coldplay’s Chris Martin fill your ears. Life is simple, life is good.


Everyone has an album that defined a particular time in their life. If you’re like me, maybe you even remember specific moments according to what albums you were listening to at the time. We all know I live for nostalgia, so sometimes I like to just put on these albums so I can forget about all the stuff I have to get done in present day. (Effective for boosting your mood, but BAD NEWS for productivity.) Before I get sentimental, here’s some albums that have shaped me as a person and a few of the memories they bring to mind.  


  1. Continuum - John Mayer


Second grade, the Chicago suburbs, car rides with my mom.



2. Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming - M83


Wintry drives to middle school, social studies class, reading Witch & Wizard by James Patterson.



3. Tourist History - Two Door Cinema Club


Sixth Grade, wanting to establish myself as “alternative”, playing Wii in my basement.



4. Mylo Xyloto - Coldplay


Seventh grade, Hunger Games role play groups, art club.



5. Gossamer - Passion Pit


Eighth grade, riding my bike, flights to the east coast.



6. Days are Gone - HAIM


Freshman year of high school, aesthetically pleasing Pinterest boards, thinking I was “boho.”



7. Modern Vampires of the City - Vampire Weekend


Freshman art class, finally realizing I’m not that great at art, walking home from school in the fall.



8. Within and Without - Washed Out


Studying for precalculus, relaxing by a fire, rainy weekdays.


9. When the Night - St. Lucia


Summer after my senior year, driving to meet friends, dance parties alone in my living room.



10. Sacred Hearts Club - Foster the People


My first year of college, grabbing a coffee in between classes, road trips.