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The Struggles of Being Short That No One Really Talks About 

The Struggles of Being Short That No One Really Talks About 


1) Not being able to reach the overhead bin on airplanes 


It’s sad, but true. 


2) Pants are always too long


You always have to either fold your pants up or get them hemmed because they’re never the perfect length when you first get them. 


3) You can swing your legs on almost any chair because they can’t touch the floor 


While this may seem fun at first, it’s not when you’re trying to move your chair forward while still being in the chair. 


4) Climbing onto counters to reach the top shelf 


No one understands that you’d rather climb onto counters to reach the top shelf than get a stool because then that’s evidence of your predicament. 


5) “Oh my god, you’re so short.” 


Yes, I know. 


6) Group pictures


If you’re not in the front, you’re not there.


7) Crowds


If you’re surrounded by people taller than you, you can’t see anything, so you don’t know where you’re going unless you catch a quick glimpse through the window between people’s heads. 


However whenever someone points out how short I am, my go to reply is Ariana Grande is my height and she’s amazing.

Mikaela loves to read, write, sing, and play piano. She also aspires to be a lawyer one day.
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