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Some Embarassing Stories to Lighten Up Finals Week

The end of the fall semester is a time for reflection in more ways than one. So, instead of reviewing your notes (I mean, maybe do that too), take a study break and look back on some of the most embarrassing things that have happened to Butler students:


“One time, I thought I was going to a party at a senior house, so I just waltzed in and it… wasn’t a party. I basically broke and entered into someone’s house.”


“When I was in Italy over the summer, I had been having a lot of stomach problems and was a bit constipated. We went to the Vatican, and afterwards, I used the bathroom in the gift shop. Everything came out. Then, I realized that there was no toilet paper, and there was absolutely no way of getting any from another stall. So, I reached into my backpack, grabbed my scrunchie, and asked God for forgiveness.”


“I went out on a Thursday night and I was so hungover Friday morning in class in Fairbanks that I had to leave to run to the bathroom and throw up. I walked back in like nothing had happened. #sorryscobro”


“One time, I was drunk at a party and tried peeing on a boy’s bed.”


“I made out with this guy, and later I found out he thought I was my sister the whole time.”


“One time, I was making out with a boy in the boiler room of Sigma Chi. When I looked up, I saw a guy full-on peeing in the corner.”


“I got so drunk one time that I got up and peed on the rug on the floor by the bed. I didn’t even remember that I did it – my roommate had to tell me.”


“I hooked up with a boy while at a club soccer party freshman year in a puddle of unknown liquid on the bathroom floor.”


“One of my friends thought that this frat boy I knew was hot. I saw her at his frat’s party later, and I was so drunk that I accidentally introduced her to him NINE times.”


“I walked in on my roommate having sex with her boyfriend and I didn’t realize it was happening, so I went around my room getting water and my pajamas until she screamed at me to get out.”


“One time in high school, my ex-boyfriend’s dad came home and saw me butt-ass naked face-down on his son’s bed. I didn’t go to his house for four months afterwards, even though we were still dating.”


“I was sick while I was showing a True Blue around and I thought it would be fine. Long story short, it wasn’t fine, and I ended up projectile vomiting on the floor of C-Club.”


“I was super stressed out at dinner one day and went out behind my sorority house to scream into the trees and let off some steam. I didn’t think anyone would hear, but several GroupMe texts later, the house was in panic mode and the house manager next door called BUPD. I’m not allowed to scream outside anymore.”


“One time, I puked up Gatorade and vodka in the town square ALONE while the little kids were dressed up trick or treating at the local businesses.”


“On Dude’s Day, I really wanted to wear this specific pair of pants with my t-shirt, but I couldn’t find them anywhere. Finally, I remembered that I had left them in Fairview after drunkenly leaving a party at 1 a.m. to go make pancakes in a friend’s pod. So, I decided that after my dad and I parked in the parking garage, I would just pop by Fairview and pick them up on the way to the house. One of my guy friends ended up being the one to scan me in, and my dad got really uncomfortable and decided to stay in the lobby. I didn’t really think it through, like, at all, and, well, from my dad’s point of view, it looked like I was getting my clothes back from a hookup. He still doesn’t believe that drunk me only wanted pancakes.”


So, while this week certainly consists of pain and suffering… remember, it could be worse!


Hi!! I'm a sophomore at Butler University double majoring in journalism and strategic communication. I really really enjoy taco bell and spending all my time on twitter. I'm afraid of the gym.
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