(Pre) SPRRAANG BREAK Stress Relief





T minus 3 weeks until spring break for us Bulldogs! I don’t think I’ve ever needed a break more than I need this one. Between getting my little and the shit show that is academia, I’m about ready to keel over and die.


I’m so ready for these next few weeks to fly by, but at the same time, the amount of shit I need to get done in these few weeks is sickening. I’m having heart palpitations as we speak. Shout out to professors that don’t communicate (EVEN THOUGH THEY’RE IN THE SAME FUCKING COLLEGE) and schedule all exams and projects on the same days!



It’s fine, I’m fine, everything’s fine. FINE.


If you’re anything like me, you find it incredibly easy to get wrapped up in your stress and anxiety and end up spending an hour crying about the paper you have to write instead of just writing it. Fear not, my overworked friends! Here are some great stress relieving tips and tricks to get you through these last few weeks!


  1. Give meditation a go.


I was really skeptical about meditation at first. I totally was not buying into the whole clear your mind, align your chakras kind of shit, but my therapist told me about this app called Relax Meditation and was willing to try it, bitch. I ended up really liking it. The app itself has thousands of different meditation tracks so you can sit for five minutes or an hour. You don’t even need to sit cross legged on the floor. I usually do it in bed while I’m falling asleep and it works wonders. I usually just do it when I’m feeling super overwhelmed and I can’t get my brain to shut up and it does the trick every time.


      2. Get yourself one of those sick ass adult coloring books.


I got one of these for a birthday present in high school and I’m still not done with all the pages. The ones with really intricate designs are my favorite because they take all of your concentration to fill all the tiny little spaces, they leave no room for your brain to panic about other things. They also sell tiny little bookmark versions that are great for on-the-go stress relief. I carry a set and some tiny colored pencils in my backpack at all times. Who says coloring is only for children?


   3. Look at really cool travel destination pics on Pinterest.


I have a secret board on Pinterest called “Places that look cool as fuck but I’ll probably never get around to visiting”. I’ve spent hours just scrolling through pictures of Greece and Egypt, places that I dream of getting to visit. For me, there’s something soothing about looking at the world unknown to you, looking at all these other places that exist each and everyday, uninterrupted by your lack of being there (just some more weird philosophical word vomit there, pls ignore).


  4. Start a new homework-watching-background-focus TV show. (May I suggest Broad City?)


(This gif is a very accurate representation of the entirety of the show).

I’m the type of person that likes to have some sort of background noise on when I’m doing my homework. Something a little bit more than music, but not like something that I have to fully pay attention to, like Grey’s or G.O.T.This show is perfect. It’s funny as fuck and half the time I’ll just be fartin’ along doing my homework and then just burst out laughing ‘cus the show’s so damn funny. It’s also makes a great short study break: just pop your head up and watch it for five minutes, have a solid laugh, and go back to your work. It’s a great system.



    5. Treat yo self to a new candle.


I love candles. I love the jars they come in, I love their smells, I love the vibes they give off, I love everything about them. They create such an ambience and if you light one and turn on some fairy lights, your room will look like a Free People outlet. Candles (especially the ones made for stress relief) are magical. Light yourself a lavender candle and lay spread eagle on the floor. Ponder your life, fall asleep, host a seance for all I care!


We’re right on the brink, ladies! Hopefully these stress relieving tips can help you cross the bridge into SPRAAAAAAANG BREAAAAAAAK!