New Member Spotlight: Meet Louise

Louise is a first year at Butler. We know you’ll love her just as much as we do!



HC: What’s your major?

L:  I'm a first year and I'm in the midst of switching somethings around with my major but if all goes well, Criminology and English.


HC: Where are you from?

L:  Hinsdale, IL


HC: What are your hobbies?

L: I love journaling, reading, playing ukulele, sending people snail mail, listening to Paramore 25/8, dying my hair, making/retweeting memes on Twitter, and thinking random things are funny when they absolutely are not.


HC: Any pets?

L: I've had a betta fish named Moe for the past year or so. He's blue and I love him.


HC: PSL, yes or no?

L: Yes, when I'm in the mood. I don't understand the whole debate over it. Just let people enjoy things!


HC: Current favorite TV show?

L: It changes a lot, but if I had to pick I gotta go with Criminal Minds.


HC: who is your celeb crush?

L: Matthew Gray Gubler


HC: Fav Vine?

L:I have a new favorite Vine like every week. This week it's "Welcome to bible study".




HC: Coffee vs. Tea.

L: Tea. Not just because I hate the taste of coffee, but also because I can say "I have some piping hot tea" when I want to gossip AND have literal piping hot tea.


HC: What’s your favorite fall activity?

L: Staying inside and watching Netflix while drinking hot cocoa. That could be an anytime activity, but I'd say it counts.


HC: Give us a random fact about you.

L: I was Mike Wazowski for Halloween my senior year of high school.