New Member Profile: Meet Libbi

Meet Libby! She’s a senior here at Butler and believe it or not, loves crosswords even more than your grandpa.



HC: Major, year in school


L: I am a senior, Political Science and Peace and Conflict Studies double major.


HC: Where are you from?


L: I am from Fort Wayne, Indiana.  


HC: Hobbies/sports/interests?


L: My hobbies include painting, yoga, watching movies, volunteering for campaigns, and cooking.  




HC: Got any pets?


L: I have one dog named Bella and she's a mutt. Half amazing, half terrific.  I also have three long-haired cats named Gusto (white), Neville (black), and Thorin (striped).  





HC: Favorite flavor of ice cream?


L: My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip - a classic for a reason.


HC: Current favorite tv show?


L: Picking a favorite TV show feels like picking a favorite child, but right now I am re-watching the early 2000s classic Charmed, which I have loved since I was in middle school.




HC: Who’s your celebrity crush?


L: My celebrity crush is Joe Keery.




HC: Favorite vine?


L: “Look at all those chickens” another classic.


HC: Favorite thing to do on a Friday Night?


L: My favorite thing to do on a Friday night is to try to convince myself to go out but instead: put on sweatpants, pour myself a glass of wine, and go to bed before 11pm.


HC: One random fact about you someone might not guess


L: I am really passionate about crossword puzzles and word searches.