My Review of Adams Polishes

It’s difficult to find a quality car care company to stick with, mostly because of how many options are out there. I have experience with quite a few, but the only one I’m dedicated to is Adams Polishes. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love their company, I just wanted to do a quick review on some of my favorite products!  For being an automotive soap company, their apparel is top of the line, you can always catch me repping in their soft t shirts and thick hoodies. 

I also love the variety of detail sprays they carry; I snagged a couple of my limited favorites from their latest drops and collaborations. They create some of the sweetest and unique smells, while also making sure the product does its job in giving your car the shine it deserves. My all-time favorite would have to be their original detail spray, I love the scent so much, I got the air freshener to match and it made my whole garage smell like sweet strawberries. 

When it comes to wheel care, Adams set the bar. Their wheel cleaner uses color changing technology while removing brake dust and metallic contaminants. It’s also safe on all wheels whether they’re powder coated, painted, or clear coated. Pair with a wheel cleaning brush or microfiber mitt to agitate and a barrel brush to get the hard to reach areas, and you’re good to go! 

When it comes to shampoo and achieving that thick foam, I would recommend their new Mega Foam, as well as their Wash & Wax and Ultra Foam Shampoo. These products are pH neutral, so they won’t take away protection from repeated use. I’ve never been so satisfied using car shampoo, the concentrated formula allows you to effectively clean your vehicle without having to worry about smudging, staining, swirls, or streaking! Once my car is coated, I used their wash pad to agitate, rinse down, and finish with their Jumbo Plush Drying Towel. I absolutely LOVE this towel, it can hold up to a gallon of water making the drying process a breeze.

I take a lot of pride in my interior, mostly because of my personalized sticker bombed dash. It took me days to prep, plan, and make sure everything was coated and sealed. I’m very careful when it comes to keeping it clean but ensuring I do a good job to maintain its gloss appearance. When cleaning my interior, my goal is to remove contaminants as well as maintaining the condition of my aging interior. I use their saturated Interior Cleaning Wipes and Leather & Interior Cleaner when it comes to taking care of my leather seats, door panels, dash, steering wheel, and more. They’re tough on dirt but gentle on all interior surfaces. I pair these with their Odor Neutralizer to eliminate all unwanted smells. I lightly mist into carpets and vents to leave my interior smelling fresh. I personally love the pineapple orchid smell, but they have so many options to choose from!

Do you ever find yourself in a terrible storm or downpour and it seems like your wipers can’t keep up? I used to be blinded when driving but when I finish off my windshield with their H2O Guard & Gloss or Spray Wax, the water just beads off, I don’t even use my wipers anymore! These products provide a long-lasting protection and shine, most people use them to protect their paint while adding a shiny gloss finish. 

They have an amazing team behind them, they’re committed to the quality of their products and ensuring customer satisfaction. They even have a guarantee at the bottom of the website that says:


“If you are not incredibly satisfied with an Adam’s product, 

I will refund your purchase, plus 10%.”

–Adam Pitale, Founder


I think I’ve made my case. Thank you for the amazing products, Adams, you never disappoint.

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