In My Medical Opinion ~


I’ve decided to start a series-esque thing. We’re gonna see how long this actually lasts, as we’ve already decided that I can’t commit to like, anything.


My plan is to write a little something about a topic I have an opinion on and title it “in my _______ opinion”. The blank will differ based on the topic of discussion.


So, let’s give this a go!



Today’s topic? Medicine. More specifically, the fact that everyone on campus has a fucking cold and now I’ve got one too. Sharing is caring #thebutlerway. (This is intended with the utmost sarcasm, as the Butler way is kind of the biggest joke of the universe, and if you ever share your sickness with me, I will cut off all of your appendages).


I HATE being sick. It’s quite possibly my least favorite thing to be in the entire world. I’m not usually sick either, so when I do catch something, shit tends to hit the fan. Just ask my mother, I raise all hell when I’m even slightly sick at home.



Due to my complain-y nature, I’m an awful sick person. I’m always complaining about how miserable I feel. Just yesterday I spent 20 minutes explaining my distaste for my stuffy nose to no one in particular, as I was just kind of aggressively ranting. I mean my roommates were present, I wasn’t talking to myself, I promise I’m not actually crazy.


So here’s my thought… it’s 2018, we can fly from New York to LA in like five hours with hyper jets or some shit like that, but there still isn’t any sort of cure for the common cold/flu/stomach pain/other common sicknesses? SCIENTISTS, EXPLAIN! (read this in the America explain vine voice for effect).


(This is linked to the AMERICA EXPLAIN I AM CONFUSION vine. Do yourself a favor and watch it.)


I’m sitting over here hacking up half a lung while Chad is sitting at Alpha Sigma Sigma unlocking his iPhone X with his face. LET ME KNOW.


~~~ a transition period ~~~


Jk I really don’t have much else to say on the topic. Science, don’t be sorry, be better. (Also this wasn’t really me having a medical opinion, as much as it was just me complaining. Ehh I’ll do better next time).

~Sniffly and Pissy