My Favorite Phrases on (Black) Twitter



I’m going to start this article off with a quick acknowledgement. I understand these sayings can, and probably do, exist off of Black twitter; however, the first time I saw these phrases it was on my Twitter feed so there’s that.


  • Life comes at you fast

This phrase can be used in cases of instantaneous karma, or even when you procrastinate to the point of no return. Examples include:


  • Ima keep it real with you chief

This phrase is usually used right before you give somebody some tough love. Emphasis on the tough.


  • Shooters gonna shoot

This phrase is a play off of “shooting your shot” which basically means trying your luck, or giving it a go. It’s most common context is romantic/sexual. So when someone says “shooters gonna shoot” it means that this person often tries their luck romantically, and don’t really mind getting swerved or rejected. After all, shooters gonna shoot.

  • Tryna see something

This phrase is usually used when you’ve got an agenda - this agenda is often shooting your shot.


There are a ton more, but these are my favorite right now! Anyway share this article, and follow Her Campus on social media. I’m tryna see something.