Meet Jaz: A Swansong

What better way to send off our beautiful chapter founder than with her own profile piece? Jazmine Bowens, BU’s momma, is preparing to graduate in the weeks to come and it’s bittersweet for all of us.


Lets really get to know this angel before she goes, shall we?



HerCampus (HC): What inspired you to bring HerCampus to Butler?


Jazmine Bowens (JB): One of my friends started a HerCampus chapter at my old university and I looked online and saw that Butler didn’t have one and so I was like “hey, we finna get one of those” and so we did.


HC: What was your recruitment strategy in the beginning to kind of get us off the ground?


JB: Email my friends so I have a exec board. Shout out to Rebecca, shout out to Salena, love y’all. For real though, I wouldn’t have been able to make this a thing without them. I also did a lot of in class tours where I’d go around to different freshman classes and tell people about HC with a couple of really janky flyers that I made.


HC: Fav HerCampus moment?


JB: Probably this party, right here. We’re just out here having a good time, being together, eating some cupcakes. This is ideal.


(We had an end of the year party with cute snacks and insta pics. It was adorable. You wish you were cool enough to be invited.)


HC: What about this chapter makes you the proudest?


JB: That there are more than the three people I originally contacted involved in it. For real.


HC: Where do you hope to see this chapter go once you are gone? (tear drops)


JB: I hope it’s still a chapter. I want to come back in like 10 years and be like hey HC what’s up, I started you guys, what’s good, and such.


HC: What’s your biggest fear about going to law school?


JB: I graduate and they offer me 40 grand a year, but I have $500 a month in student debt, my parents want to live with me, they liquidated their 401K. Oh and also I don’t like to read all those big books and stuff. There you go, that's a little less real.


HC: What happens when you’re a boss ass bitch lawyer and you’re up there in court and your defendant shits his pants? (Q from Rae by request).


JB: My defendant shits his pants? I rest my case.


HC: What's your favorite type of dog?


JB: BIG! The big ones. I love big dogs, the real big boys.


HC: If you had a million dollars and you could only spend it on Target brand products, what would you buy?


JB: Well, the first time I went to Target, I was a junior in college (we obviously were all shocked and took a moment to do the whole OMG WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU thing). My mom didn’t like Target when she was pregnant with me and so I was born with Target hate in my heart. But I finally went, and I went in was like oh the dollar section? I’ll just be here for the rest of my life if you need me.


HC: What inspired you to go vegan?


JB: Someone once said something along the lines of “if I was vegetarian, I’d just go vegan” and they planted that seed in my head last February and then last March I tried it for lent and did a ton of research on it and then I was kinda just like “well fuck, now I gotta do this forever” so here we are. Also the vegan community is super tight knit and amazing. I like tight knit communities.


HC: Words of advice for HerCampus members to come?





We’ll miss ya loads, Jaz. Thank you for bringing something so positive and encouraging to our campus. Lots of love from all of us. HCXO.