Issa Look



Happy 2018 lady, friends! We’re back and better than ever (actually probably not, winter break wasn’t long enough and I spent like 95% of it watching Grey’s Anatomy and going shopping).  


During my Grey’s binges, I found myself on Pinterest quite often, and boy did I pin the shit out of some new trends.


So, without further ado, here are 10 on-trend pieces that aren’t eight billion dollars.


1. A good pair of mules

Throw these bad boys on with a pair of skinnies and a sweater, and you're set to go!


2. A snazzy velour jumpsuit

For when you finally decide to stop wearing leggings everyday.


3. A shirt that comes with its own accessory

“Every good outfit has jewelry...” my ass!


4. Some sweet mom jeans

Comfortable, yet responsible.


5. A comfy sweater that does the talking for you

I’m talkin’ to you, Kyle from organic chemistry.


6. Who doesn’t love a double breasted checkered plaid jacket?


Checkered plaid! Checkered plaid! Checkered plaid!


7. A fun sheer mini Try and say no to this dress, I dare you.


8. The perfect throw-on fashion sneaker

You can wear ‘em with joggers, you can wear ‘em with a dress.


9. A pair of gold hoops

The perfect basic for any occasion.


10. And the ever-classic boyfriend button down


Because your boyfriend is getting really tired of you stealing all of his clothes.


I hope you found some of these pieces at least kinda cute!

Over and out ladies.