I'm a Hipster, Baby!


The hipster fad is still upon us, and quite frankly, I love it! Being from Indy, I know of some pretty dope coffee places and food joints, but I decided to do some exploring and give you this month’s top hipster paradises in Indy!


1. Milktooth- it's a coffee house with outdoor seating and open garage doors for walls when weather permits. They have breakfast, sweet treats and a full coffee bar. The wait is usually long because it is always so busy. It's minimalist aesthetic and white/grey tones really bring out your inner hipster and make you want to write something real bad!



2. LUNA Music- the BEST record selections and it is just so quaint and fun. What better way to be a hipster than to buy records and explore new indie music with your friends? They even have concerts by some local indie bands and many others.

3. Broad Ripple Vintage- this store is my all time favorite thrift store. The clothes really are vintage and there is always a good balance between wearable everyday clothes and more costume attire. I go here to pass time and I always find something very hipster worthy.


4. Bakersfield- they have the best tacos and guac that a hipster could ever ask for! The atmosphere is very chill and becomes a bar by night. It is a little pricey, but ten out of ten would highly recommend!



5. Silver in the City- the coolest little souvenir, trinket and jewelry place that I know! They have so much home decor with funny sayings and cool pictures, gag gifts, Indianapolis souvenirs and so much more. This is another place I go to pass time and I always end up buying something while I'm there. This place is hipster heaven with a lot of similar home and desk items to those at Urban Outfitters.


Come find me again next month so you can see what hipster places I have been venturing to!


Stay hip.