I Love Jacqueline from The Bachelor (And You Should Too)



Listen up, Bachelor Nation. I’m tired of y’all sleepin’ on my girl, Jacqueline.


I’ve loved her beginning with her bio on The Bachelor cast page - her picture with a Tyra-Banks-worthy smize and Chrissy-Teigen-level wit. Literally, look at what she said about what marriage means to her:


“Creating our own world. Creating our own values and goals. Becoming better people together. Respect, admiration, protection.”


No judgement, but this is a far cry from the dolphin-obsessed contestants of last season…



Anyway, I’ve been rooting for her since she stepped out of the limo. However, Twitter has not been such a fan.




A+ for the Mean Girls reference. F- for the Jacqueline knowledge.


That seems like a “you” problem, Justin.


Listen... it even got to the point that Jacqueline tweeted at all you guys:

God, I love her.


This doesn’t even begin to cover the totally real, mature conversation she had about her education with Arie last week… she’s waaaaaay too good for him. In conclusion, I love Jacqueline, and you should too.