I Love Art Museums

I frick frackin love art museums ~a procrastination piece


Let’s be real here, have you ever been stressed just walking through an art museum? NOPE.  I swear to god they’re some of the most soothing, relaxing places on the damn planet.



I’ve had the pleasure of living pretty close to some of the coolest art hubs in the country, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Indianapolis Museum of Art (which recently renamed itself to New Fields but like whatevs) and I don’t feel like I’ve truly taken advantage of their truly magical opportunities.


Like for example, the IMA (Newfields or whatever) gives free memberships to students! FREE! You can go walk around and look at all the cool things for free!





Free is the best price.


Art museums are also great because you get to feel really cool and artistic even if you’re garbage at art and can’t even draw stick figures (aka moi).


(This gif is really weird and creepy and I can’t stop watching it. You’re welcome.)


Other fun things to do at art museums include:


-Wearing a beret without judgment


- Talking about the art like you’re an expert



- Judging the art with big words like “imperialistic”



-Stand and stare at the art for an uncomfortably long period of time



- And my personal favorite, talk shit about the dead artists like you know them on a personal  level.



Go look at some art, my dudes, and also be a boujee art asshole.