I Frickin Love Christmas

Alright lovely ladies, the most wonderful time of the year is quickly approaching. You know what that means… LET’S GET FESTIVE!



It's just such a happy time, you know? There’s all the pretty lights and the giant inflatable santas that look kinda like they’re going to kill you, but only kinda, and ice skating. There’s also snow and a shit ton of cookies.


The rest of this post is gonna be christmas gifs while I avoid doing all the work for pre pre finals week and then the actual pre finals week followed by actual finals week, I want to dieeeeeeee. Have one week where all the shit is due, not two, sincerely pissed off, tired, and hungry college girl who also has no money and needs more coffee.


Look at this precious reindeer angel dog. She’s so excited to sing Christmas carols and cuddle.


This pug playing with a squeaky reindeer! He’s so happy and excited and also wearing a santa hat.


This may be turning into a Christmas dog post.


He’s got the bow in his mouth!! Look at him! He unwrapped his own present all my himself! What a good boy.


I’m not even gonna fight it anymore.


An endless supply of puppies is the best present.




This little gal in her pretty hat wants you to have the best holiday ever!


Dogs are perfect and wonderful and fantastic and also love Christmas. End of story.


Side note, this post totally was supposed to be cute and sentimental about the holidays, but alas, here we are. Merry Chrysler, my friends .