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I Didn’t Know How Much I Needed a Jonas Brothers Reunion Until Now

All these rumours about a Jonas Brothers reunion tour have got me burnin’ up. Just over five years from their official split our beloved JoBros took to Instagram to tease the release of a new single “Sucker” and this was precisely the moment I started to lose my mind.


Now, five years is a lot of time and a lot of things can change. Of course, Nick launched his solo career and we got some real gems from that like “Jealous” and my personal favorite, “Chains”. He also continued acting and appeared in the FOX show, “Scream Queens”. Joe went on to become the lead vocalist in DNCE and a judge for The Voice Australia. Kevin more or less faded into the background and immersed himself in the business world. And oh how the tables have turned, after five years everyone is now in love with Nick instead of Joe. (Sorry Kevin).



Despite the brothers moving their separate directions and starting their own families, the fans continued to hope for a reunion one day. Millions of fans and I anxiously waited up until midnight to watch their new music video. Could they ever live up to our expectations? They’ve changed so much, what types of change would they bring to the reunion?


In my opinion, they masterfully combined their old chemistry and fun energy with their current styles of music and the beautiful women in their lives. The musical sound of “Sucker” gives me major DNCE vibes while the lyrics have Nick Jonas’ style written all over them. Nick plays a much bigger role in vocals this time around too, leading the chorus and everything.



The appearances of Danielle Jonas, Sophie Turner, and Priyanka Chopra were arguably the best part of the whole video. I think that by featuring these women in their work, the brothers are giving us a glimpse into the growth in their personal lives and signaling that they are not the same band they once were. Also, for obvious reasons, they wanted to show off these gorgeous ladies.


At this point, all that we can do is hope for an album release and, fingers crossed, a tour announcement. There is obviously quite a demand for more of their music considering “Sucker” reached number one on the iTunes chart just hours after the release and their video was very quickly trending as the number one video on YouTube. Now only one question remains, when will they let Frankie join the band?


Maddie Riess

Butler '22

I am a first-year at Butler University studying Psychology. I'm a boyband fanatic who spends way too much of her time watching New Kids on the Block music videos. I also love American history and can tell you pretty much anything about each of the U.S presidents.
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