Hipster Baby: Part II


I have again been setting out on the town to find only THE most hip and cool places around Indianapolis so that I could share with you. I’ve only got three for ya this time, but they are worthy- I promise.


  1. The Cake Bake Shop - Broad Ripple


Cake Bake is quite possibly the cutest little cafe I have ever been in! It is decorated in dainty, very victorian style trinkets, flowers, and so… much… PINK! It’s perfect for a date with your man candy or a girl friend date (which is what my friends and I did). They have cake, pie, macaroons, other deserts, a food menu, and plenty of drinks (alchy and not). They even have gluten free options! I will warn you, it is very expensive, but very worth it for the aesthetic and the cute photo ops of your desert, your “pink pedal drinks” and your cute friends. <3


(I took deez) (photo cred= ME)


  1. The Monon Coffee Co. - Broad Ripple


The wood floors, and everything from the mismatching table tops, stools and couches make you feel so cozy and never want to leave this place. The drink menu rocks with plenty of coffee- though I got the White Zombie last time I was there…. DELICIOUS! Try it! They also have smoothies and frozen drinks for any other kind of taste you are wanting. They have bagels, breads, and other baked goods. I went in to chill and finish some homework- but I think I got lucky with the seat I was in, it stayed pretty busy in there the whole time I stayed.


  1. Eva Maison - Broad Ripple


I am a sucker for new beauty products (I might have a slight shopping problem) and Eva Maison has some of the coolest stuff ever. It’s all natural and organic which is something I usually look for in beauty products. They have essential oils, makeup brushes, eyeshadows (I bought two), blush, face masks and scrubs, shampoo and conditioner, and any other cosmetic product you could think of! Again, it is all natural and organic, so it is pricy, but I don’t think there is too high of a price when it comes to keeping your skin healthy!


Stay hip, Y’all