GRL PWR: A Playlist



A friend once called me out on not listening to enough female artists.Despite the percentage of women represented in the top 100 tunes climbing close to 50%, my personal library needed some diversity.


Enter: my GRL PWR playlist, a collection 3 years in the making of badass songs by badass women. Here’s just a few of my faves, plus a link to the playlist in its nearly 4 hour glory. Enjoy! (Psst, the playlist cover is from the HCXO Shop, which has tons of freebies and printables! Wow!)


Paper Planes - M.I.A.

A classic about immigration and refugees by British rapper, activist, and general badass, M.I.A.

“Everyone's a winner, we're making our fame / Bona fide hustler making my name”


Rescue - Yuna

This artist first made it big in her home country of Malaysia before signing with Pharrell William’s label and later receiving various awards for best R&B album.

“That girl is you, yeah / And that girl is me / That girl is stronger than the raging sea”


Hell of a Girl - Grace

This song was first released when the artist, Aussie soul singer Grace, was 19. Her cover of “You Don’t Own Me” was a number-one hit in Australia.

“Feeling good when I look in the mirror, my skies are blue / Slept all night for the first time / In months, I'm finally where I wanna be / And all my dreams are coming true”


Knock On My Door - Faouzia

This artist had won songwriting awards and had a hit single in Canada at 16. You know what I was doing at 16? Not that.

“One day your heart and your soul will be boiling with defeat / 'Cause I'll be ruling up on top and you'll look up at me”


Ocean Eyes - Billie Eilish

THIS song was released when the artist was 14, which is even more insane.

“Careful creature made friends with time / You left her lonely with a diamond mind / And those ocean eyes”  

Tribe - Kim Viera

Kim started as a hopeful singer on YouTube, and this song was just featured in the latest Pitch Perfect film.

“We gonna go / Way up, way up / Like CEO”