Day 5: Study Spots

Day five is here! Join the dream team as we delve in to our favorite spots to get ~intellectual~


Rebecca: Have you been to South Campus (formerly known as CTS) yet? It’s a great building with LOTS of natural light, tons of surfaces, and plenty of nooks to study in. And it’s always quiet because most people never venture down there. Go poke around and check it out! And don’t worry about running into someone there - it would just be someone from the College of Education or the Christian Theological Seminary, and they’ll be nice, I promise. Happy studying!


Grace: I love the 4th floor of the pharmacy building, it’s small but there’s rarely a lot of people up there because not many know about it! I also like the 3rd floor of Irwin Library, there’s a huge room facing Fairview with mini cubicles and desks and I’ve only ever seen a couple people up there at  time. I also have a bad habit of studying in my bed, but remember to sit up or else you’ll end up snoozing, which would not be good on the night before a final!


Maddie: My favorite spot to study is the second floor of Irwin because everything is so white and shiny plus the seats are pretty comfy. Everyone is pretty quiet up there so noise has never been a problem for me. I especially like to sit near the windows because they let in a lot of light and sometimes a dog will walk by. The second floor is by far the best because you only have to climb one staircase and if you’re nosy like me then you can look right off the balcony and watch what the people down there are doing.


Kait: I’m not gonna tell you where my favorite study spot is. That’s my spot. You’ll distract me. Go find your own. Leave me in peace. I’ll let you know when I’m done and we can go get Chinese.


Rae: My all time favorite spot to study used to be a little coffee shop called the Thirsty Scholar (rip) it closed last summer and I’m still not over it, but my current go to is Quills Coffee right off of 9th and Senate I think (?). It’s super quaint and is in the lobby of a dog friendly apartment building so chances are you’ll find a cute pupper to help motivate you (I pet two this morning).