Day 3: Study Bops

You made it to day three! Hooray! Celebrate with some of our favorite booksmart bops!


Kait: Beach House is one of my favorite bands. They make the best study music of any relevant indie artist out there. Some cool hazy soundscapes that put you in the exact right mental space to study in. It’s really good music that sort of fades into the background. My favorite album of theirs is Teen Dream, but they also released one last year called 7. I have it on vinyl and it is appropriate for every chill occasion. I genuinely wonder if I could get through college without Beach House.


Rebecca: My Spotify Year in Review didn’t reflect my typical music taste because SO MANY of my hours were listening to this one band I put on whenever I need to get something productive done. Which is a lot. Drehz makes really cool electric-ish, funky, wordless music, and it’s been my studying soundtrack since high school. It’s good stuff.


Grace: I have a 450+ song playlist on my Spotify called “Vibing” and it’s full of remixes, tropical house, deep house, electropop, and chill electronic dance music. These help me stay calm and give me good vibes so I can stay positive during my study sessions. Some of my favorite artists include Kygo, Matoma, ODESZA, Hippie Sabotage, and Galantis. I listened to a lot of other types of music but this is what I use to study ツ



Maddie: Sometimes when I study, I find that it can be sort of distracting to listen to music that I’m super into at the moment which means that unfortunately The Backstreet Boys are out this round of finals. At the same time, I don’t like listening to music I have never heard before because then I either get bored or end up too focused on the music. This is why I choose to listen to throwbacks while studying because I already know the music and it’s a nice trip down memory lane. Big Time Rush, Hannah Montana, Destiny’s Child, and Avril Lavigne are some of my favorites. If you still have old playlists you made in middle school I suggest you dust those bad boys off and start studying. You’ll probably find a song you forgot existed.