Day 3: Antoni (food)

Day 3: Antoni (Food)


Back for more, are you? Check out our favorite snick snacks!


Kait: I am not a vegetarian. But all three of my roommates are. So I’ve found myself eating not only a lot of pasta and fruit, but also the vegetarian versions of meat products they buy. I have like fifteen minutes at my apartment to eat lunch every day, so I find myself microwaving vegetarian meat patties that are actually really good! They don’t taste exactly like meat, but it’s just a different kind of savory protein. My favorites are the MorningStar Original Grillers veggie burgers and Boca Vegan Chik’n Patties. Plus, it’s good for the environment! And we LOVE doing the bare minimum to help a social cause!


Kath: Having lived in a sorority house for the past two semesters, I’m pretty limited on what I have available to eat on a day-to-day basis. However, I go Hog Wild on weekends. My go-to restaurants are Qdoba and Chick-fil-a, but in light of recent developments, I’m going to attempt to ditch the latter. I’d say my favorite foods are sushi, anything raspberry, kombucha, penne alla vodka, and smoothies. Smoothies are integral to my continued existence. Without them, I might wither away into nothing. I enjoy a good frozen vanilla coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. Also, you know what? I’ll admit it. I love Matcha, and I understand how people might not like it. But to me it tastes like Yummy Health Grass. It makes me happy! I frequently order it in the form of Starbucks drinks. (Try the Matcha Frappe if you haven’t already.) One of my roommates and I have taken to eating a second dinner at 10 pm that consists of only cereal. My cereals of choice are Lucky Charms and Rice Krispies.  There you have it! I’m extremely unhealthy!


Lauren: My food tastes are literally all over the place. Atherton only provides so many options, but on nights where the food-poison-giving chicken is my only option (yes, it’s given me food poisoning twice) I’ll search for food elsewhere. I’m a huge fan of California Rolls, but not other forms of sushi because the thought of eating raw fish just really stresses me out. You can always find me at any sort of coffee shop around Indy, because I’m beyond addicted to coffee and require it to function. My go-to order is a caramel latte made with coconut milk, because it tastes like a Samoa without the chocolate, plus I’m lactose-sensitive. Ironically enough though, my favorite restaurant is Goodfellas Pizzeria. The breadsticks are the length of your arm, the slices of pizza could be used as a blanket for a chihuahua, and their menu always changes based on who is working. It makes me so beyond happy, well, as long as I have my Lactaid with me. Fun fact,  they never keep their garlic butter in the case where you can see it, but if you ask for some to dip with your breadstick they’ll gladly give you a massive cup of it. Catch me drinking that stuff straight out of the cup, that’s how good it is.


Grace: Now that I’m living off campus with the freedom to eat what I want, when I want it, I’ve never felt better about my eating habits. Things used to feel so structured and rushed, and back when I was in swim I ate soooooo many calories just to get myself through a workout… But now, I have flexibility and choice. I calorie load in the morning and I taper down my meal sizes throughout the day. You can find me always with a PHAT bowl of either fruits or vegetables at every meal. I also love going out with my boyfriend whether it be back home in Chicago or Indy. We love trying new things, however, our favorite is sushi. When he visits, you’ll most likely find us cheesin with some bubble teas :)



Rae: This is such a pathetic snack to be obsessed with, but I’ve been so into precooked frozen chicken breast. You know, that frozen shit that you just throw on a plate and put in the microwave for like 2 minutes and then feel like a health goddess ‘cus you’re getting that good protein? That shit. I just love the convenience of it, especially with my schedule being what it is this semester it's like I have a microwaved-garbage-for-me meal, or I don’t eat. Having the ability to make a balanced meal in the microwave has like, changed my life… and my mood for that matter. I can totally tell the difference the next day if I’ve actually made myself real food or just gotten Qdoba again. Frozen chicken for the win!