Day 1: Study Snacks

Spring is in full swing which means only one thing… finals are near. Never fear! Your HC dream team has got all the study tips and tricks to make this finals season the most successful one yet!


Day One: Study Snacks- our most favorite study buddy.



Snacks are good and all, but it’s important to prioritize getting in 3 meals a day and to stay hydrated. I don’t know about you guys, but if I don’t follow those 2 simple things my brain doesn’t work very well heh. My daily study sesh usually goes later at night so I try to put some smol foods in me before I go to bed. I’m a fan of apples and peanut butter or a bowl of fruit with a couple scoops of halo top. I feel like I’m treating myself with these and they help curb late night craving as well!


Kait: I’m gonna use this space to tell you to DRINK WATER. Yeah, coffee is good for caffeine, but try to only have one during the day. The rest of the drinks should be WATER. Just because you’re not hot and sweaty doesn’t mean you don’t need that good good hydration, honey. Seriously just fill a bottle of water and put it next to you. Eventually you’ll drink it. Trust.


Rebecca: I love a chewy snack, and for some reason, fruit snacks really get me. I swear I spent most of my flex dollars on the Welch’s fruit snacks from C-Club (#notspon) my freshman and sophomore year. Healthy? No. Delicious, filling, and quiet enough that no one in the Sci Li stares daggers at you for chewing? YES.


Rae: I’m a crunch gal to a T. I love any sort of crunchy salty snack. Chips, pretzels, popcorn, you name it, I’m snacking on it. The chewing for some reason helps my focus immensely… this does not bode well, however, when i’m trying to be healthy and can’t physically complete homework without a bag of tortilla chips. I think it has something to do with my ADHD and focus and all of that stuff. Long story short, you can never go wrong with hint of lime tortilla chips.