Off Brand Celebrity Names Part 2

Mme. President at your service, folks. Its that time of year again… the weather’s finally cold enough for all your cute sweaters, Michael Buble’s Christmas album is playing on repeat, and in the background you can hear the quiet weeping of college students slowly losing their minds. 


That’s right, kids. It’s FINALS SEASON!


Due to that fact and my deep need to procrastinate for at least four hours a day, I decided to reboot an old favorite… off brand celebrity names, PART TWO.


Here’s the link to the first one if you missed it ->


  1. Bost Microphone (Post Malone)


  1. Lesso (Lizzo)


  1. Paul Besties (Jeff Bazos)


  1. Barry Saralee (Harry Styles)  


  1. Jill Eyelash (Billie Ellish)


  1. Jenny Kieth Purple (Millie Bobbie Brown)


  1. 38 kinda rude (21 Savage)


  1. Jacket Q (Cardi B) 


  1. Almostkim Butnotquite (Kylie Jenner)


  1. Stacy Cantsnowski (Nancy Pelosi)