Off Brand Celebrity Names

This late night, giggle inducing piece was inspired by my darling pal and fellow HC writer, Kait Wilbur, when she sent a snapchat of a dude on campus that looks like the off brand version of John Greene, who she calls Joe Chartreuse.


I will now list my ideal celebrity off brands for no purpose other than my own laughs.


  1. Taryn Quick (Taylor Swift)


  1. Rick Bonus (Nick Jonas)


  1. Mariana RioGrande (Ariana Grande)


  1. Bryan Eathis (Ryan Seacrest)


  1. Betty Yolo (Beyonce Knowles)


  1. Yani East (Kanye West)


  1. Molly Sinus (Miley Cyrus)

  1. Debby Partition (Dolly Parton)


  1. Rob Toss (Bob Ross)


  1. JJ Mr. Cool (Ll Cool J)