Big Boob Problems

At this point,my boobs are aggressively big. I used to love having big boobs because of the aesthetic of them. V necks looked amazing on me and I could turn regular outfits into going out attire just by pulling the shirt down. However, recently my boobs have been more trouble than they are worth which has inspired me to make this list of 7 reasons why big boobs aren’t actually that great.


1. Plyometrics will never be in the plan for me

Okay I am going to be honest, even if I had small boobs, I still wouldn’t be jumping up and down in the name of fitness. However, I wish I had the option.  Last month my cousins and I went to Skyzone to let out some pent up stress, and it took about 30 seconds on that trampoline for me to realize I wasted my money.


2.  People in my tax bracket can’t afford sports bras that fit me

“You can do plyometrics, you just need a good sports bra.” Lol where am I going to find one of these “good sports bras” for less than $25. I refuse to pay an arm and a leg for a glorified boob smotherer.


3. No lacy bandeaus for you (me)

Forget sports bras, I can’t even find quality regular bras. Once you get to DDD and up all of the available bras start to oddly resemble my mother’s.


4.They get so sweaty

Boob sweat is my biggest enemy. My underboob should not feel like that.


5.  Lack of perkiness

My boobs don’t sag, but they also aren’t perky. I don’t blame them. I know there is only so much weight one can take before the breaking point. I get it. My boobs aren’t super perky, but I love them anyway.


6.  Buttonups are a no-no.

I have never owned a button up nor will I. I don’t know, there’s something about the fabric between the buttons stretching open that always seemed a little unprofessional to me.

7. Nothing I wear seems professional/classy.

Business attire seems to require a breast reduction. I have been told on numerous occasions that my dress was unprofessional because of how it fit on my chest.  But like, every dress will fit that way. It’s not the dress. It’s them. The best I can do is cover the cleavage.