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5 Things To Do When You’re Hungover



Oh, homecoming. I stayed sober this year because my job requires it, but y’all? Y’all were wasted. I was walking through the various tailgates and saw three people throw up in the span of five minutes which inspired me to get back to my nice and clean apartment and write this article for y’all. Here’s my personal and sworn-by list of five things to do when you’re hungover.



1. Water

Water cures everything. Tired? Water. Sad? Water. Dehydrated? Definitely water. Hungover? Oh you betcha, water.

2. Other fluids

Water is a perfect fluid, this is true. However, it is not electrolyte-rich, and after a crazy weekend like homecoming, y’all need y’all’s electrolytes. I recommend sports drinks, coconut water, or some type of soup to restore the salt and potassium balance you’ve lost.

3. Ginger

When I was feeling nauseous back in the day my momma made me drink some ginger ale and eat some saltine crackers. I’m not sure if ginger really does help nausea, or if that was a placebo effect, but I recommend gingery products anyway.

(Sidenote: Please watch this video. It is one of my favorite things, and the gif above comes from that mini-movie.)

4. Take some painkillers

Ibuprofen/ Advil aren’t perfect, but sometimes a quick over the counter pill is just what the heaache needs.

5. Sleep

The only true cure for a hangover is time, and sleep sure does help the clock go faster.  So when all goes wrong, or even when all goes right, I always recommend going to sleep.


Good luck Dawgs. I hope all of y’all stayed safe this weekend!

Jazmine Bowens is a senior at Butler University. She is a Psychology major with a minor in Neuroscience and the Campus Corespondent for Butler University's Her Campus chapter. When she isn't in class, she's writing poetry, reading romance novels, or hanging out with her friends. Jazmine hopes to one day become an environmental lawyer and a published novelist.
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