15 Ideas for Decorating Your Graduation Cap

College graduation season is around the corner, and I’m gonna be really sad to see my senior friends go. But one thing I’m EXCITED to see is all the super cool and original puffy-painted graduation caps! Some folks go ALL out to make their grad caps super memorable so they can spend their last few days or so in the college mindset being praised for how funny and interesting they are. (Or how good they are at following a stencil to write something Leslie Knope said.)


But if you go to a larger college, you have more pressure to make your cap stand out from the thousands of other graduates. What if you pick the same Pinterest pun about having no money as someone else? What would that do to your view of yourself as a unique individual?


Never to fear. Instead of letting you do some original thinking that’s tailored to your own interests, I’m gonna do it for you! Here are a few grad cap designs that I guarantee you nobody else will have.


  1. Your fingerprint and social security number!

It’s just another way to express your own uniqueness and individuality! Lots of people might share the same favorite song from Hamilton or Bible verse, but nobody will have the same government-identifiable information as you!


     2.  Your own head photoshopped onto Mahatma Gandhi’s body!

Other people might reference some charity work they did in college on their grad caps. Why not express that same sentiment in a different way? Get straight to the point, why don’t you?


     3.  A picture of the guy who ghosted you, along with his full name!

Don’t even say that he ghosted you. Don’t acknowledge who he is or why you are wearing his face. Just let other people figure it out for themselves. Bonus points if he’s graduating with you and his parents are there!


     4.  A whole potato!

Not a picture. Tape it on. It’ll be an impressive balancing act, just like the impressive balancing act you’ve pulled off in college.


     5.   All of the lyrics to “The Boys of Summer” by Don Henley!


     6.   A VHS copy of Rugrats in Paris: the Movie!

Kind of like the potato idea. But this should be a flatter shape. It might be a little easier to pull off.


     7.   A picture of the guy who ghosted you, along with his full name AND the girl he is now dating instead!

But not her full name. That would be aggressive. Bonus points if SHE’s graduating with you and HER parents are there!


     8.   A close-up picture of a lizard!

Really close up. Like, really REALLY close up. People should have to ask you what it is before you reveal that it is, in fact, a lizard.


    9.   An advertisement for a local car dealership!

If you tell the dealership about it, maybe they’ll pay you. (Bob Lindsay Honda is on 900 W. Pioneer Pkwy in Peoria, IL. It’s more than a car- it’s a Honda!)


    10.  The Bing logo!

I don’t actually want you to do this. I put this here simply because there’s a virus on my computer that turns all my Google searches into Bing searches and I have entered the bargaining phase of grief. There, Bing, I promoted your name in an article! Are you satisfied with me now? May your reign of terror finally cease?


     11.   All of the lyrics to “The Boys Are Back In Town” by Thin Lizzy!


    12.   Icing and sprinkles!

Not a photo rendering. Literally buy a jar of Pillsbury pink vanilla frosting, spread it on your cap, and put sprinkles on it. That way you can have a snack during the ceremony! A snack that DEFINITELY won’t melt, drip everywhere, and inconvenience janitorial staff!


     13.    A morph of your face and the face of actor and former Family Feud host Richard Karn!

Maybe other people will think of the other stuff on this list, but this one is ALL you.


     14.  Have a little tiny man hide inside your hat and pop out whenever they announce your name to walk across the stage and get your diploma!

But be sure to feed him and give him water while he waits. Maybe set him up with some A/C. It’ll be hot as hell in there with all your smarty smart brain sweat!

     15.   This picture of me giving you two thumbs up!

So that no matter how proud your accomplishments have made you, you can remember the real reason you’ve gotten this far on your journey: me. Her Campus columnist Kait Wilbur. I’m proud of you and I’ve been quietly supporting you this whole time.


Good luck on your post-collegiate adventures!