10 Places To Shop That Aren't Urban Outfitters



I can’t be the only one who’s tired of walking into my 10am and seeing six other girls wearing the same damn sweater. Like, shut up Elaine, I know you got your shoes at Target ‘cus guess what... ME FREAKIN’ TOO.



  1. Jack Wills



It’s kinda like a British Hollister with cuter clothes. Added bonus: clothes not from this mess of a country!


  1. Madewell


I was recently introduced to Madewell by a good friend of mine. She described it as “J. Crew but comfy and also hipster/boho/contemporary-esque.” I couldn’t agree more. It’s actually owned and operated by the same people that own J. Crew!


  1. ModCloth



ModCloth is your one stop shop for all things vintage. They have tons of cute clothes, accessories, and decor (for those of you who have your lives together and need aprons with wildflowers and their names on them). They also have very inclusive sizes, which is always a plus!


  1. Gentle Fawn



I fell in love with Gentle Fawn over the summer when I discovered it at this cute little boutique in Michigan. Their clothes remind me a lot of Free People but better quality. V much love for Gentle Fawn.


  1. Lucy



Lucy is a lot like Lululemon, but with better prices. They literally always have some sort of sale going on. I’m not kidding. Like, you walk in there and it’s 40% off sale or something crazy like that. I will say that I’m slightly biased to Lucy because it’s my dog’s name and I love her more than I love literally anything.


  1. Nordstrom Rack



You can find some crazy good shit at Nordstrom Rack if you look hard enough. They have really low prices on a ton of designers and name brands. A few years ago, I got one of the older Urban Decay Naked Palettes there for like $9. I cried.


  1. Dry Goods



Dry Goods is a magical place. They have a room solely devoted to their sale section. AN ENTIRE ROOM. I’m just gonna leave you with that.


  1. ASOS



Asos just literally has everything. They carry something like 500 different brands in every single size. I love ASOS with all my heart. They’re also always having a sale on something and the clearance section is lit. I got my fall formal dress for $43, it was originally $115. DEALS DEALS DEALS!


Take this knowledge and go forth, my fashion friends (unless you’re me and have approximately 12 cents in your bank account, in which case, go cry or actually do your homework or something).