10 Best Original Christmas Songs

I will be listening to solely Christmas music between now and the holidays, and though I can get jam out to a pop rendition of Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree with the best of them, I love a good original holiday hit. Here’s a definitive ranking of 10 of my favorite original Christmas songs:


10. Shake Up Christmas - Train

Yeah, this song was in a Coke commercial (and actually has bars of the Coca-Cola jingle in it), but what’s Christmas without a little capitalism? It’s still a bop.


9. Santa’s Coming For Us - Sia

Sia’s got me dancing in my seat at my desk. It’s got a great melody, but isn’t ranked higher because I don’t love the idea that Santa is coming for me? Creepiness level is up there with “he sees you when you’re sleeping”.


8. Cold December Night - Michael Bublé

Michael has the perfect voice for a Christmas album, but I’ll admit that I like his covers better. (Except the rendition of “Santa Baby” where he changes the pronouns and stuff? Yikes.)


7. Text Me Merry Christmas - Straight No Chaser ft. Kristen Bell

This song is a spin on the traditional “being apart for the holidays” theme in Christmas music, and it’s the perfect combination of silly and completely catchy.


6. One More Sleep - Leona Lewis

The subtle jingle bells in this song are really what makes it great. Also, I can relate to counting down the days until the holidays. (Even though my countdown is until the end of finals week...)


5. Santa Tell Me - Ariana Grande

You guys can all have your “thank u, next”, and I’ll be over here yelling the lyrics to “Santa Tell Me”, okay?


4. Bring Me Love - John Legend

The best part of 2018 is that we got a John Legend Christmas album, and this original song is ridiculously festive. I love it.


3. My Only Wish (This Year) - Britney Spears

This song checks all the Christmas bop boxes. Santa as an omnipotent figure? Check. Wishing your baby was under the mistletoe/wrapped up as a gift underneath the tree? Check. Too catchy for its own good? Check. Great job, Brit.


2. Mistletoe - Justin Bieber

This song gives me the same feeling that I get from a good Hallmark Christmas movie. This might be because of the classic, young Justin music video that accompanied it. It’s so sweet it hurts, but I love it anyway.

1. All I Want for Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

Like anything else could be number one. At some point, this will stop being defined as a modern holiday bop and will become a true Christmas classic with the likes of Little Drummer Boy and Silent Night. I’m not sure when that is, but I do know it’s not the holidays until I hear Mariah’s vocalization at the beginning of the song.

Here’s a link to this playlist - it’s a Christmas gift from me to you. Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope all your days are full of jingle bells, cheer, and the best that Christmas music has to offer.