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Why World Hijab Day and Muslim Women’s Day is Important

After 9/11 many women took off their hijabs and wore their hair out. For Muslim women, a hijab is their choice and having to take it off is a hard one. There have been many attacks on Muslims since 9/11. These women fear for their lives that they might get attacked wearing something that is significant to them. World Hijab Day is a day where these women should feel proud of what they wear on their head and it is also a day where non-Muslims can learn that wearing a hijab doesn’t make you a bad person.


We need to protect those who wear hijab because sometimes it can cost them their life. And not just on this one day, but everyday we learn to not be ignorant to Muslim people. There are a lot of evil people out there, but there are also those who feel the repercussions of the hatred for them even though they have not done any wrong. it is our duty as humans to protect those who need it. These are our teachers, our doctors and our friends. 


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