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Gilmore Girls walking through Fall Festival
Gilmore Girls walking through Fall Festival
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Why Rory Gilmore Is The Villain

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As the fall time is approaching, lots of excitement festers up inside me. From the fall activities to the fall fashion to comfort shows playing… this is what makes autumn, autumn. There is one particular show that makes me especially excited for the season and that would be Gilmore Girls. Every year I watch this goofy yet nostalgic series. However, from the first time I watched this show to the most recent time, my views of the characters have drastically changed. One of them being Rory Gilmore. As I re-watch the show, the more things I notice about her that makes me dislike her so much as a character. I would even go as far as saying that she was the villain of the show. Before you continue reading, I should warn you that I will be mentioning quite a few spoilers of the show. Here are the reasons why Rory Gilmore is the villain of Gilmore Girls:

  1. She was not a good friend to Lane
    Consistently throughout the beginning seasons, Rory was hung up on Dean and he would mostly be the topic of conversation between her and Lane. However, when Lane would start talking about her problems, Rory would barely be there for her and the topic of conversation would be quickly changed. Not everyone’s friendships have to be perfect, however it was quite clear how much Rory was not there for Lane.
  2. Rory was toxic towards Dean
    While Rory was in a relationship with Dean, she developed feelings for Jess. While people do change and having feelings is natural, Rory only made the situation worse. She treated Dean badly and increasingly became frustrated with him as he got more jealous (justifiably). Rory should have communicated with Dean or ended things but instead she spiraled her relationship with Dean into a toxic one.
  3. Rory slept with her married ex-boyfriend
    While Rory sleeping with a married man is clearly a terrible thing to do, her attitude towards the whole situation is what really made me think she is one of the worst characters. Instead of acknowledging her mistake she claimed that Dean was “hers” and not his wife’s. Showing her true colors exacerbated the situation and only made it worse. In addition, Lorelai calls Rory out for the terrible thing she had done and Rory runs away to Europe. Rory’s reaction to the situation demonstrated the maturity she lacks and the victimizing complex she continues to hold throughout the show.
  4. Rory cannot handle any type of criticism
    Lorelai calling out Rory for sleeping with a married man and Rory running away to Europe as a result was one of the many examples of Rory not being able to handle any type of criticism. Another example was seen when Rory was working for Logan’s dad, and she was told by him that she didn’t have what it takes to be a journalist. Obviously this upsetted her, but then she dropped out of Yale because of this. These drastic reactions of dropping out of college and running away to Europe is frustrating to watch because her inability to hear any type of criticism makes her try hard ways of being way too perfect. In addition, she barely thought about her mother when she decided to drop out of college. Lorelai sacrificed almost everything to get Rory into an ivy league. Not surprisingly, hearing the news of Rory dropping out of Yale put a huge strain on Lorelai.
  5. Rory was selfish overall
    I can give you numerous examples where Rory can be seen as selfish. I already gave an instance where she dropped out of Yale without thinking about Lorelai, considering the amount of sacrifices and effort she made to get her daughter into college. Another example would be when Rory missed her mother’s graduation because she went to see Jess in New York. This turn of events obviously upsetted Lorelai. Although this was the exception of where Rory actually admitted her mistake right away, it does not take away the fact that she could have seen Jess any other time but decided to the day before an important event, all because she just wanted to.
Hana Dawood

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