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Up until this year, 2021, I have not fully appreciated the month of October for the numerous things it has to offer us. Now, living on my own with friends, I am truly realizing all of the good things that make October such a superior month.

  • October is when the trees start changing colors the most. This is a beautiful experience and also great for taking pictures. Nature is truly iconic for this.
  • This month is perfect for both apple picking and pumpkin picking. A nice visit to an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch is also great for taking pictures and having a fun activity to do with friends and family. After picking out pumpkins, painting or carving them to use as decorations is a cool activity and could be a fun date idea.
  • For spooky movie lovers, this month is the time to watch as many horror, thriller, and just in general creepy movies. I absolutely love these types of movies and look forward to going on a movie binge each year. My top five movies to watch would probably be Beetlejuice, Ghostbusters, The Conjuring, Coraline, and Scream. Scream is the newest addition to my top five as I was just introduced to it this past week by a friend.

  • October hosts the holiday of Halloween. This is just a fun for everyone holiday where one can decorate their homes with fun, spooky decorations, dress up in a costume, and eat candy. There are so many cute and spooky decorations that can be found at various stores and online; additionally one could craft their own decorations. Coming up with a fun Halloween costume is always a good time. I usually default and go with a witch, but this year I have decided to go as a pirate. The possibilities are basically endless when it comes to costumes. In addition to candy, there are a lot of fun treats that can be made with a spooky theme as well and Pinterest has a lot of good ideas to take inspiration from.
  • The weather is also superior as you can wear cute fall fashion such as sweaters and flannels, but it is not too cold outside yet. The temperature outside is nice and comfortable.
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