Why Galetine's Day is Better than Valentine's Day

Every Single person out there dreads Valentine's Day, and for good reason. There is a whole day dedicated to love and being sappy. But there isn't a day for single people to be happy being single! 

catastrophe wtf GIF by CulturaSo spending Galentine's day is a lot better. Instead of spending a lot for dinner and getting really dressed up, you can have a girl night and wear comfy sweats and stuff your face in $10 pizza. 

Having our friends  ​surrounded by us makes being alone feel a lot better. And of course it's okay to be single but sometimes, you want someone there 24/7. And the best thing to that if you are single are your gals!

Being alone is okay and sometimes people forget that. If you need validation, download any dating app and there is one guy bound to want to take you out. Bu it's better being with the girls you know will always have your back.

Especially if you went through a breakup recently, being alone on Valentine's Day might be depressing, so have fun with your girls and forget about what could have been. 

Galentine's Day is for those who love there friend's too. Since it is a day full of love who said it had to be love for your significant other? 

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