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Where To Find Trendy And Cheap Business Casual Clothes For Your Summer Internship!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Buffalo chapter.


Finally, you’ve landed your summer internship and no longer have to be stressed about what you’re going to be up to this summer, or worrying about interviews. But, now you might be wondering, “what am I going to wear to work everyday?” If you’re anything like me, I know I did not have any sort of business professional, or even business casual clothes to even wear to my interviews. So here are some great places to get some basics that can go with a ton of different outfits to get you through your summer internship!




Target is probably my favorite place to shop for basics, especially for more work appropriate things. You can find trendy flats in all different colors for under $20! I’ve also had luck on finding plain dress pants, and some cute basic blouses, all at a reasonable price.




This is a new place I have recently discovered, they have all sorts of basics available at a very low price.




This may be on the higher end of your budget, but I’ve found some really great quality pants, shoes, and even blouses that will last you a while and will definitely be worth your money. Zara is definitely a good place to go to if you’re looking for more trendy business casual clothing items.