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What’s a Bootaybag?

Subscription boxes are all the rage starting from Ipsy, Birchbox, Popsugar, Dollar Shave Club, Escape Monthly, and of course, Bootaybag!

I saw Bootaybag first on Instagram. Girls were taking selfies and posting this cute package with underwear! All girls love new underwear, lingerie, intimates. I was so excited to find this because 1) Victoria's Secret gets old. 2) It's a subscription which means a surprise every month at your door! ( At college, packages are the best.) 3) It's only 12 dollars!

So this is how it works:

You pick your size, style, and delivery preference. Styles including thong, anything but thongs, or both. You get 2 delivered to your doorstep each month with free shipping! To be honest, my first package had a cheeky and a thong, both in a purple/grey. The quality is really great! For just $12, you really can't beat it. A panty at Victoria's Secret cost more than $7. 

For the two I received, one of them was from a brand called Felina, listed as $10. The other did not have a tag. So clearly, the $12 was a good price!


What's better than that?

If you Instagram a selfie with your Bootaybag, some proceeds will go to the Melanoma Foundation. Who knew shopping could be good in more than one way?

Oh, and if you no longer want to partake, you can unsubscribe with a click of a button!

So, will you be getting your very first Bootaybag? Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Save yourself the time shopping at the store, study for your tests, and wait for your sexy intimates to arrive in the mail!


Nabila Ismail is a first year Pharmacy Student at the University at Buffalo in New York from Saratoga, NY. Outside of her science pursuits, she enjoys fashion, writing, and traveling. She just came back from spending a whole summer in Italy as a nanny & English Tutor. She's very excited to have Her Campus at her school this year!
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