What Your Last Semester of College Feels Like (In GIFs Of Course)

I am currently in my last semester of my undergraduate career at UB, and let me tell you, this semester has so far been the most stressful semester of all. There's thousands of different emotions and thoughts running through my head every day due to the stress and excitement that comes along with your last semester. So to prepare all of you that still have some time left in your undergraduate career, I thought I'd show you what you should expect, that is, through gifs of course.


1. The constant worry that for some reason you won't graduate. 

2. When it feels like everyone has plans for after graduation, except for you.

3. One of the scariest thoughts, not being able to find a graduation dress. 

4. The constant thought of still not knowing what you want to do with your degree. 

5. And of course, the sad thought of not having a month long winter break ever again. 

6. When you start getting alumni emails and mail, the first day of senior year. 

7. Not being able to see your friends five days a week.

8. Hoping your job after college is at least somewhat similar to Dunder Mifflin.

9. Wondering if there will be any cute boys that work at your future job. AKA pretty much hoping to be the next Jim and Pam.

10. Trying to make the most of every stressful day, because soon enough you'll be looking back on these years and wishing you could do it all over again.