What your coffee order says about you!

How a person drinks their liquid caffiene for the day says a lot about them...


Straight up espresso shots:

You’re right to the point. No one would down an espresso for fun, so you obviously have a busy agenda on mind and nothing is getting in your way. Not even an unhealthy amount of missed sleep will stop you from powering through that 8AM class presentation.


Black coffee:

Simple. Goes with the flow, yet dedicated. Has no time for bullshit. Also possesses the strength to get through an entire mug of dark, bitter coffee water for the pure sake of caffeine in a cup.


Seasonal drinks (PSL, peppermint mocha, salted caramel mocha):

You often find yourself saying some of these phrases;

“Oh my god its finally that time of year again, I can get a PSL!”

“Ugh I’m going to look so basic to the barista when I order”

“Wait, when are the red cups coming out??”

“Let’s get peppermint mocha’s to get in the Christmas spirit”

Basically, you get excited by a cup of coffee. You and the Gilmore girls have something in common; truly a dream come true.



Cold drink, cold Buffalo weather, cold heart. Enough said.



In my opinion, HOW? But I guess those who can get through a steaming container of boiling coffee on a hot summers day can withstand extreme amounts of stress and work with no complaints. Go you.


Caramel Macchiato or anything with caramel:

You’re a dunkin girl. You substitute caramel pumps for sugar thinking it will either be healthier than getting regular sugar or is the only flavor you get in your coffee ever. You’re mostly average but have a sweet side that everyone loves about you.


Anything w/ skim or soy:

Besides the chance of having a dairy allergy, you get skim or soy because it makes you feel healthier. Not only do I get soy ALWAYS, but I convince myself it’s better in the long run. Like me, you make the best of a bad situation. And that bad situation is silky, smooth 2% milk that would give your morning cup of coffee a little more love.


Anything w/ infinite numbers of flavor pumps until you find the perfect combo:

2 vanilla, 1 peppermint. 1 mocha, 1 caramel, 1 vanilla. 3 caramel, 1 peppermint. Anyone with time to spend can use it on coffee experimenting. You get things exactly how you want it, no exceptions. Not being afraid to do what you want shows confidence and power.


French Vanilla:

You find a solution to problems in unexpected ways. You think outside of the box. Instead of doing the basic Starbucks order with 30 different pump flavors, 1% milk, a heaping of whip cream, and 2 different types of drizzles, you mix up the flavor of actual coffee. Whether its French vanilla or Columbian, you fix the problem of bland black coffee the simplest way possible.


Not everyone gets exactly the same coffee order every day, but if you’re anything like me, there’s one thing that always stays the same. Picking up a donut from dunkin or a bag of chips from Starbucks, you never EVER get coffee without a perfect little snack!

(P.S. Sorry for the lack of Tim Horton references, but Long Island blood runs through these veins and I rather be caught wearing a matching juicy suit from 2009 than be seen anywhere near that place.)