What It’s Like to Live Near Two Epicenters of the Coronavirus

I live in Cornwall, New York which is about forty-five minutes to an hour north of New York City.  Cornwall is also about an hour away from Westchester. These two locations are the epicenters for the Coronavirus in New York.  Another location called Kiryas Joel, which is only fifteen minutes away from me, has (as of now) 200+ cases of the coronavirus. My county, Orange County, has posted a map of how many cases are in each town.  Cornwall currently has less than ten cases which is not too concerning compared to the places surrounding it. Although the severity of contagiousness with the coronavirus worries me, will Cornwall eventually have as many cases as Kiryas Joel or Westchester?  It is very imperative for our area to stay in quarantine and take extreme precautions when going out for necessities.  

In my experiences of going out to get groceries, I have seen some people wearing gloves and masks, and others who are not.  In my opinion, I think everyone in our area should be wearing gloves and a mask when they go out.  I was honestly surprised to see people out in public without protective gear, considering how close we are to the locations with numerous cases.  As painful as it is to stay trapped inside your home, it is a must.  Especially if you happen to live near an epicenter of the coronavirus.  I am worried that my town, as well as surrounding areas, will soon have as many cases as the current epicenters.  We cannot predict the future, although, with all of the current science and research, we can try to reduce the number of future cases by quarantining and wearing gloves and masks while going out.

Although it is scary being so close to these locations, I am trying my best to keep a positive mindset and stay at home!  I recommend that everyone does the same because the more we go out, the more likely the coronavirus is going to spread throughout New York.  We have the power to prevent the coronavirus from taking over all of New York, we just have to take precautions and stay calm. I hope everybody and their families’ are staying healthy and happy during this chaotic time.  Sending love, positivity, and cleanliness!