Top 10 Most Iconic Disney Princesses

Being a Disney Princess isn’t always about the frilly dresses and the bad-ass animal side kick, they have some serious problems they need to fix. No matter what a Disney Princess has to have an optimistic attitude, a sad back story, and enough bravery for the entire world packed into one girls body. So here’s a list of the best Disney Princesses that show the most fierce attitude always and are perfect idols for girls of any age. 

10. Anna, Frozen 

She saved her village and stayed by her sisters side when no one else would, talk about ride or die siblings. 

9. Belle, Beauty and the Beast

She saved her father, the man of her dreams from being a beast forever, and the rest of the town. 

8. Rapunzel, Tangled 

Her bravery wasn’t for anyone else but herself, which is an important life lesson because sometimes you need to put yourself first to be happy. 

7. Pocahontas, Pocahontas

Okay, I am not talk about the real life Pocahontas, whose story is far different from the film. But in the Disney movie, she isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in which call for some major fierce points. 

6. Tiana, The Princess and The Frog 

She’s determined, she’s focused, and she looks gorgeous getting married in a New Orleans swamp, how can she not be on the list? 

5. Kida, Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Though some of you look at this name and go, who? Just hear me out on this one. Kida was the first Disney female character to go from princess of an empire to queen and not by marriage but because she was the one fit for the job. This movie is a definite go back and watch again if you missed the hidden treasure. 

4. Megara, Hercules

She bounces back after becoming heartbroken and selling her soul to Hades, to help Hercules defeat Greek monsters and return him to his father Zeus, talk about selfless and strong. 

3. Merida, Brave

Uhm, yeah the title of her movie is Brave, how can she not be in the top three? 

2. Moana, Moana

Left her home alone to find a demi god and help restore the island nations and her people, just another casual boat ride for Moana and her chicken. 

1.Fa Mulan, Mulan

She saved an entire country….by herself….when women were supposed to only be brides, of course she’s number one.