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Six Boys Who Changed the Makeup Industry

1. Manny MUA: Manny Gutierrez is not only one of the most down to earth artists in the industry but he is my all-time favorite makeup artist! Not only are his YouTube videos the funniest ten minutes of your day, but he proves that his makeup skills are one of a kind. His looks range from natural, every day nude tones to colorful eye looks that will have you wishing for summer, so you can try your hand at your version of his creative glam.

Twitter: @MannyMua733

Instagram: @mannymua733

YouTube: Manny MUA

2. Thomas Halbert: Thomas Halbert is a young artist who is working his way to the top of the industry, but his looks have already reached the next level. Although they aren’t the ideal look for going to class, his ideas are for the true makeup artists who are looking to expand their creative horizons. Not only is Thomas going to be a star in the beauty industry, but he is always spilling the tea on Twitter, keeping his followers involved in the drama of the makeup world, which I’m obsessed with.

Twitter: @ThomasBeautyy

Instagram: @thomashalbert

YouTube: Thomas Halbert

3. Bretman Rock: Bretman Rock is beyond extra, and I am here for every second of it. The fierce 18-year-old makeup artist has already gained millions of followers and has done multiple collabs with various brands. His makeup looks vary from glam for a night out on the town, to the craziest, most risk taking makeup you could imagine. Like Manny MUA, Bretman will have you laughing until you cry the entire time you’re watching his videos, just make sure you’ve already applied waterproof mascara.

Twitter: @bretmanrock

Instagram: @bretmanrock

YouTube: Bretman Rock

4. Aiden’s Empire: In Aiden Reynoso’s words, he is always serving “bearded lady realness.” And girl, let me tell you, he does just that. His looks are perfect for the college girl who loves spending extra time on Saturday night doing her makeup before she heads out with her girls. Although his looks are glam, they are super easy to recreate and he always makes sure to list the products he uses along with discount codes, to help out all of his broke college girls over here.

Instagram: @aidensempire

YouTube: Aiden’s Emprie

5. Gabriel Zamora: Gabriel Zamora will be your go to YouTuber for a natural, every day look. He paves his way in the industry by sticking to his classic, glowy makeup. Gabriel is another artist who creates looks who are perfect for us college girls! His every day looks are perfect for going to class or running errands, whereas his glam looks are perfect for a sorority formal; glam enough for a fancy evening but easy enough that you do not have to be a makeup artist to achieve the flirtatious glam.

Twitter: @gabrielzamora

Instagram: @thegabrielzamora

YouTube: Gabriel Zamora

6. Glam Boy Jay: Glam Boy Jay is so underrated! After months of following him on Instagram and wishing he would create a YouTube channel so I would be able to recreate his looks, he finally did! The new YouTuber’s looks are so unique and different compared to those that you’ve seen in your Instagram feed. Whether it’s a bold liner or a rainbow highlighter, his makeup is always flawless.

Instagram: @glamboyjay

YouTube: Glamboy Jay



Sarina LoJacono is currently a senior at the University at Buffalo, majoring in communication. Besides attending school, she is also a manager at Alex and Ani Buffalo. She was born and raised in Buffalo, New York and loves everything the city has to offer. She is obsessed with everything and anything that has to do with fashion and beauty and aspires to be working in the industry one day. In her free time you can find her going out with friends, shopping or watching 10 Things I Hate About You over and over again. She is excited to take on whatever life has to offer!
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